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T-Series TO-Cans

Sheaumann’s TO-cans are offered on industry-standard submounts. Packages are hermetically sealed with AR coated windows and optional photodiode. Sheaumann’s proprietary laser chip design offers unrivaled quality and long lifetime. Wavelength emission range 780-1070nm with narrow tolerance options.

TO-Can Drawings


56mm TO-Can
Length Width (mm):10.0 x 5.6
Single-mode Power:Up to 80mW
Multimode Power:Up to 500mW
Emitter Options:4-50µm
CL Max:1.0


9mm TO Can
Length Width (mm):14.0 or 6.5 x 9.0
Single-mode Power:Up to 300mW
Multimode Power:Up to 3W (pulsed)
Emitter Options:4-100µm
CL Max:1.5


Tall TO Can
Length Width (mm):14.0 x 9.0
Single-mode Power:Up to 600mW
Multimode Power:Up to 3W
Emitter Options:100
CL Max:1.5

NEW High-Power TO-Can

Sheauman's Tall TO-Can has improved upon a favorite in the industry, bringing you a high-power, continuous-wave, single-mode option up to 600mW. Thoughtfully engineered to be as compact as possible, it is designed to fit into any system. The cap features a taller ridge that allows the chip to be mounted vertically, with a wide emitter enabling even more power than before. This package is hermetically sealed with an optional photodiode. Aluminum nitride (AIN) carrier and gold-tin (AuSn) bonding provide an optimal thermal interface.

Sheaumann Tall TO-Can

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