Project MirPac 2.94µm DPSS Laser

As a breakthrough in DPSS laser technology, the MirPac is a 2.94μm Er:YAG laser with TEM output beam in a hermetically sealed windowed package that was the first of its kind. Operating at 2940nm, the wavelength with the most efficient rate of water absorption, the MirPac is ideal for use in tandem with water or with materials that contain some amount of water content.

Dimensions127.0mm L x 52.0mm W x 38.0mm H
DPSS PowerUp to 1.0W CW @2940nm
Spatial ModeTEM00
Beam Divergence<20mrad
Specialty OptionsController Required


DPSS laser system
Electrically isolated
Hermetically sealed
Internal dual TEC
Optional red or green aiming beam
Free-space output of 1W
Fiber-coupled option


Communication (Military/Space)
Surgical (Medical/Dental)

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