Core technologies designed and fabricated In The U.S.A.

Built with innovation in mind.

Sheaumann’s brand-new 18,000 square foot cleanroom houses all activities, from wafer growth to test and reliability, under one roof.

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Wafer Growth

Epitaxial MOCVD wafer growth

  • GaAs: 780-1070nm
  • GaAs(P): 1070-1270nm
  • InP: 1275-1710nm
  • Single-mode and multimode
  • Three 3″ wafers for easy prototyping and customization
Sheaumann core capabilities Wafer Growth
Sheaumann core capabilities fabrication equipment

Wafer Fabrication

  • Wet/dry etching
  • Si3N4/SiO2
  • E-beam/sputtered metal
  • RTP-alloy
  • Ion-beam milling
  • RIE

Chip and Bar Processing

  • Facet passivation
  • Custom facet coating
  • Flip-chip bonding
  • Indium/AuSn bonding
  • Automated bar probe testing
core capabilities processing equipment cleanroom worker
core capabilities packaging equipment

Laser Packaging

  • Two Nanosystec single-mode fiber alignment stations
  • Multimode fiber alignment
  • Soldering and welding
  • Ball and ribbon bonding
  • UV epoxy lens attachment
  • Hermetic sealing
  • Leak, noise, environment tests
  • Electro-optical characterization
  • MIL-SPEC design and testing

Test and Reliability

Our test and reliability processes are carried out in a Class 10,000 cleanroom.

  • Burn-in and reliability testing
  • Multichannel chip-on-submount testing
  • ILX 2-pin, 7-pin, 14-pin fiber-coupled package test
  • 1000/5000hr SM/MM wafer qualification
  • 50°C, 20% over Iop standard test conditions
  • Pre- and post-burn-in L-I-V characterization
core capabilities testing equipment
Semiconductor cleanroom

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Sheaumann Laser recently purchased a new building and successfully upfitted a new 18,000 ft cleanroom to grow, process, and package semiconductor lasers.