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Single-mode, continuous wave power up to 500mW.

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Multimode, continuous wave power up to 30W.

Sheaumann’s Fabry-Pérot laser diodes feature proprietary GaAs and InP MOCVD growth-based designs that offer unrivaled quality and long lifetime for our devices. Standard wavelength emission from 780-1710nm and beyond, with custom wavelength and narrow tolerance options available in a variety of package options. Standard output power range is up to 500mW single-mode and up to 30W multimode, with the ability to customize solutions to meet demanding applications.




Sheaumann Laser can offer laser diodes within very tight tolerances (+/-3nm) and due to our in-house foundry capabilities, we can grow custom wavelengths within the 780-1710 wavelength range. Need 888nm for your specific application? Yes, we can do that! By manipulating some of the many fabrication processes on even a molecular level, we can tailor laser diode characteristics for optimal performance within your system. Since each wafer yields thousands of laser chips, we can easily scale up to large production once your product takes off.

Sheaumann offers continuous wave (CW) Diode lasers from 780-1710 with output power up to 30W in a variety of mounts and packages.

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