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  • Fabry-Pérot Laser Diodes

    Sheaumann’s Fabry-Pérot laser diodes feature proprietary GaAs and InP MOCVD growth-based designs.

  • Single-mode Laser Diodes

    High brightness, single-mode, continuous wave power.

  • Multimode Laser Diodes

    Multimode, continuous wave power up to 30W.

  • Emission Wavelengths

    We grow our own. MOCVD Epitaxial Growth. Our small-scale wafer growth and processing equipment allows us to provide custom solutions for projects of any size, at any wavelength from 780nm to 1710nm.

Laser Packages

  • B-Series Butterfly Modules

    Sheaumann’s fiber-coupled butterfly modules are electrically isolated and hermetically sealed with an internal TEC, thermistor and photodiode.

  • H-Series High Heat Load Modules

    Sheaumann’s fiber-coupled and windowed high heat load (HHL) modules incorporate an internal TEC, thermistor, and photodiode to withstand high heat operation.

  • S-Series Submounts

    Sheaumann’s high quality, high power laser chip on submount (COS) products are mounted on an AlN carrier on CuW or Cu submount.

  • T-Series TO-Cans

    Sheaumann’s TO-can packages are hermetically sealed with AR coated windows and optional photodiode.

  • 2-Pin

    Sheaumann's passively cooled 2-Pin modules are an ideal solution for high-power output in a compact, lightweight package.

  • Custom Product Portfolio

    From Lab to Fab, custom projects are what we do best.

  • In House Capabilities

    Our in-house wafer growth, processing, and packaging capabilities allow us to provide tailored solutions for demanding projects of any size.

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