Monolithically unified high-power tapered laser enables true single-mode

Billerica, MA – June 11, 2024 – Sheaumann Laser, a leader in Near- and Mid-IR semiconductor laser solutions, announces the launch of laser diodes mounted on a dual lead, CMD Submount, an advanced free-space laser submount designed to significantly enhance the reliability of customers’ laser systems by electrically isolated the laser diode from the submount.

The CMD Submount stands out in the market due to its isolated submount design, which addresses critical safety concerns in laser applications. By isolating the diode from the submount, it effectively prevents electrical interference between the laser diode and the thermal ground path. This innovation is particularly crucial for high reliability applications in defense, telecommunications and industrial systems, where precision and reliability are paramount.

Key Benefits of Sheaumann’s CMD Submount:

  1. Electrical Isolation: The isolated submount ensures that the laser diode is electrically isolated from the thermal ground path. This allows the designer to specifically manage the electrical ground, minimizing the possibility of ground loops in their product.
  2. Thermal Management: Effective thermal management of the C-mount helps in maintaining optimal operating temperatures for the laser diode. By maintaining a short thermal path to ground, the CMD Submount reduces the risk of overheating, which can lead to performance degradation or failure.
  3. Enhanced Reliability: The robust design of the CMD Submount contributes to the long-term stability and reliability of the laser diode. The electrical isolation features mitigate the risk of unwanted voltage,transients via the package ground ensuring consistent performance even in demanding environments.

Sheaumann’s near-IR laser diodes are made in the US and are now available on the CMD Submount with up to 10W of CW power. For more information about Sheaumann Laser’s innovative products, please visit or contact

About Sheaumann Laser: Sheaumann is a leading provider of high-quality NIR and MIR laser diode solutions, dedicated to innovation, performance, and customer satisfaction. With a strong commitment to research and development, Sheaumann delivers advanced laser products for various industries, including defense, telecommunications, medical, and industrial applications.