Why is facet passivation of laser diodes necessary?

Facet passivation is an important process in the manufacturing of reliable laser diodes. It’s a method of treating the facet ends of a laser to prevent excessive heating during operation, which may destroy the laser. 
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Sheaumann Laser Facilitates Major Expansion

July 2020: Sheaumann will be relocating this August to new facilitates, allowing the company to significantly expand its workforce and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for laser-based technologies across a variety of industries.

Monolithically unified high-power tapered laser enables true single-mode

December 2019: Sheaumann's monolithic MOPA technology creates a tapered semiconductor laser for emerging applications, including lidar for autonomous vehicles.

Sheaumann moving to Billerica, MA

October 31, 2019: Sheaumann is planning to move to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Billerica, MA in summer 2020.  The move is the result of an expansion of production capabilities facilitated by a $2.3M grant from the Masssachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative.    

Long-lifetime laser diodes for space

August 2019: Sheaumann manufactures highly-reliable laser diodes and fiber-coupled modules that have been qualified for space applications by the European Space Agency.

Sheaumann receives $2.3 million grant

January 17, 2019: Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and the Masssachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative awarded Sheaumann a grant of $2.34 million. The funds will be used to purchase laser manufacturing equipment and expand its production capabilities.  

Partnership with Tesat-Spacecom

April 2018: This month's issue of CEO Magazine features Tesat-Spacecom, a company that Sheaumann has partnered with to develop and manufacture a space-qualified laser diode module.


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