Sheaumann Laser Announces New Capabilities: Tall TO-Can

We are proud to introduce a brand new high-power TO-Can package that brings more power TO you.

Expanded in-house processes and equipment. 

Our brand-new 18,000 square foot cleanroom houses all activities, from wafer growth to testing and reliability, under one roof.

Isolated C-Mount: Elevate your system.

Sheaumann has taken all the functionality and reliability of the C-Mount and made it even better.

Focused on

Possibility: An overview of our capabilities.

What do you want to achieve? Sheaumann is dedicated to innovation, rigorous quality control, and assisting in the development of new technology.

Why is facet passivation of laser diodes necessary?

Facet passivation is an important process in the manufacturing of reliable laser diodes. It’s a method of treating the facet ends of a laser to prevent excessive heating during operation, which may destroy the laser. 

Sheaumann Laser Facilitates Major Expansion

July 2020: Sheaumann will be relocating this August to new facilitates, allowing the company to significantly expand its workforce and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for laser-based technologies across a variety of industries.

Monolithically unified high-power tapered laser enables true single-mode

December 2019: Sheaumann's monolithic MOPA technology creates a tapered semiconductor laser for emerging applications, including lidar for autonomous vehicles.

Sheaumann moving to Billerica, MA

October 31, 2019: Sheaumann is planning to move to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Billerica, MA in summer 2020.  The move is the result of an expansion of production capabilities facilitated by a $2.3M grant from the Masssachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative.    

Long-lifetime laser diodes for space

August 2019: Sheaumann manufactures highly-reliable laser diodes and fiber-coupled modules that have been qualified for space applications by the European Space Agency.

Sheaumann receives $2.3 million grant

January 17, 2019: Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and the Masssachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative awarded Sheaumann a grant of $2.34 million. The funds will be used to purchase laser manufacturing equipment and expand its production capabilities.  

Partnership with Tesat-Spacecom

April 2018: This month's issue of CEO Magazine features Tesat-Spacecom, a company that Sheaumann has partnered with to develop and manufacture a space-qualified laser diode module.


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We Have Moved!

We have relocated to new facilitates in Billerica, MA and significantly expanded our workforce and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for laser-based technologies across a variety of industries.

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