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Medical Applications

Near-infrared (NIR) lasers are becoming increasingly more prevalent in clinical specialties such as dermatology, dentistry, oncology, and podiatry due to their small footprint, cost and efficacy of treatment.

Lasers in the near-infrared wavelength range offer larger absorption and scattering cross-sections, and much deeper penetration depth in tissues than that of visible lasers. Therefore, near IR lasers are good candidates for many procedures that need deep penetrations such as hair removal, soft tissue cutting, acupunctures, ophthalmic applications, and cancer therapies.

Sheaumann Laser can offer laser diodes within very tight tolerances (+/-3nm) and due to our in-house foundry capabilities, we can grow custom wavelengths within the 780-1710nm wavelength range. Need 863nm for your specific application? Yes, we can do that! By manipulating some of the many fabrication processes on even a molecular level, we can tailor laser diode characteristics for optimal performance within your system. Since each wafer yields thousands of laser diode chips, we can easily scale up to large production once your product takes off.

Sheaumann offers continuous wave (CW) Diode lasers from 780nm to 1710nm with output power up to 30W in a variety of mounts and packages.

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Tissue Penetration

The tissue penetration depth of lasers depends largely on their wavelength.

Penetration depth is a measure of how deeply light can penetrate into a medium. Knowledge of the penetration depth of tissue at a particular wavelength is even more critical for laser phototherapy guidance. In the wavelength range of 600–1600 nm, scattering prevails over absorption, and light penetrates to a depth of 8–10 mm.

Looking to bring your medical device to market? Sheaumann is a company built with innovation in mind. Our vertically integrated facility houses all processes from wafer growth to packaging, so we are an ideal partner for custom solutions where control of the whole process is necessary. We can help you perfect your product, and then easily scale up with you after your product goes to market.


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