Isolated C-Mount

Elevate your System.

Sheaumann has taken all the functionality and reliability of the C-Mount and made it even better. Gold-tin (AuSn) bonding provides excellent heat sinking and heat spread to reduce the risk of COD. Ceramic mounting makes this a truly electrically isolated package, protecting the diode from shorts and the operator from shock. Worried about compatibility with your existing system? Our isolated C-Mount is built to integrate seamlessly as a direct replacement of our standard C-Mount. 

Your C-Mount, upgraded.

  • A more comprehensive substitute for your standard C-Mount.

  • Gold-tin (AuSn) bonding for optimum heat sinking and heat spread.

  • Increased safety for the laser diode and the operator.

  • Acts as a direct replacement in any system.


If you have a C-Mount in your system, consider making the switch.

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We Have Moved!

We have relocated to new facilitates in Billerica, MA and significantly expanded our workforce and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for laser-based technologies across a variety of industries.

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