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Here at Sheaumann, we are committed to giving back to local organizations as a community partner and supporter. We deeply believe that giving back is part of our duty to help better the community around us, and to help those who truly need it. We are incredibly proud to be able to sponsor worthy non-profits in our area to help raise awareness and funds for their cause. Please join us in our journey to give back as much as we can, and donate to our chosen non-profit.


Thank you for giving back with us!

We help spread light through our community

Our Sponsor

White sharks are apex predators that play a critical role in maintaining a healthy and balanced marine ecosystem. They are also considered a keystone species, meaning they are integral to the ecology they inhabit.

Our mission relies on funds raised by generous individual and corporate donors. While we frequently partner with public organizations, we do not receive any public funding for our efforts.

We are 100% funded by general donations and private grants, as well as through earned revenue from our Shark Center admission, merchandise sales, events, and license plates.

White sharks were designated as a protected species in most federal waters in 1997 and in Massachusetts state waters in 2005. Beforehand, white sharks were hunted and considered a trophy hunt for recreational fisheries. In the past decade, white shark sightings and catch records in the broader Northwest Atlantic have increased, which suggests some level of population recovery, but stock status remains uncertain. 

Please consider learning more about their cause and donating to ensure the safety of white sharks for future generations.


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