Sheaumann Fiber-Coupled header

Sheaumann’s fiber-coupled modules are well-suited for applications where a circular, homogenized beam is desired, such as those utilizing DPSS end-pumping or compact ones requiring simple optics.  Using proprietary diode fabrication and fiber preparation/alignment processes to achieve a low-noise output, Sheaumann offers modules with a high beam quality ideal for such applications as spectroscopy and free-space optical communications. These unique technologies also reduce speckle, and when paired with an appropriate connector, modules can be used as high-performance pointing devices. Let Sheaumann custom design your module, from diode to fiber to package, to work optimally in your system and outperform your competition.

Features and Options

Need to lock the Wavelength?

Single-mode fiber-Bragg grating (FBG)

Sheaumann offers fiber-coupled modules at ANY wavelength 785-1064nm.  These include single-mode modules with a fiber-Bragg grating (FBG) stabilized to ANY wavelength 785-1064nm.  Modules with FBG are particularly useful if multiple modules are needed with the same center wavelength.  Wavelength locking over a temperature range in uncooled modules is also an option. Applications include telecommunications, navigation, and sensing.

Need a solution for extreme environments?

Yes, we can solve that.

Our custom process to dampen shock and vibration reaches beyond Telecordia specifications (well suited for space and defense markets).

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