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April 12th - 16th

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Sheaumann is your source for semiconductor laser diodes in the near-infrared range. We offer high quality solutions for demanding projects in our brand new, state of the art 18,000 square foot cleanroom space housing all of our growth, fabrication, chip/bar processing, packaging, and testing equipment. 

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Michael Thurston

Account Manager
Region: East of MS & Canada

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Jessica Wang

Account Manager
Region: Germany & Asia

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Ted Floyd

Laser Sales Engineer
Region: West of MS and Europe

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Adam Erlich

Director of Business Development
Region: Worldwide

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Gary Sousa

Region: Worldwide

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Sheaumann is excited to present a special discussion with our own Micheal Thurston via pre-recorded YouTube video.

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Sheauman’s Tall TO-Can has improved upon a favorite in the industry, bringing you a high-power, continuous-wave, single-mode option up to 600mW.  

Favorite Features: 

  • Single-mode continuous-wave up to 600mW 
  • Aluminum nitrate carrier and gold-tin bonding for optimum thermal transmittance 
  • Taller ridge allowing for vertical mounting 
  • Wide emitter for allowance of more power 
  • Hermetically sealed for temperature changes from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius in storage
Tall TO Can

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Our class 1000 and class 10000 cleanrooms are the perfect place to manufacture your next project.

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