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Are you a motivated problem solver? Looking for an employer who encourages creative solutions and out of the box thinking?

We are always in need of confident, capable, and forward-thinking individuals on our team looking to further their careers. We partner with companies at the forefront of technological advancement in a growing number of industries to engineer and build custom lasers for demanding and timely applications.

We are focused on possibility- and the possibilities are endless. Join us.

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We are committed to encouraging one another’s growth and success and pride ourselves on continuous, measurable improvement.  Our company represents a diverse mix of ages, races, and backgrounds.

We offer the unique experience of working for a private, family-owned, manufacturing company that produces lasers that are used worldwide and in space. Sheaumann is a key player in the international photonics industry, a leader in scientific advancement, a pillar of the community, and continuously searching for the right fit for our team.

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