Sheaumann Laser

Company History

High Quality Laser Diodes Made In The US.

Sheaumann Laser, Inc. is a privately-owned corporation that was founded in 2005 by Jim Hsieh, a pioneer in the packaged semiconductor industry whose company Lasertron became a leading producer of lasers during the fiber optic telecommunications boom of the 1980s and 1990s. In 2015, Sheaumann merged with Axcel Photonics (also owned by Hsieh since 2004), which added epitaxial growth and wafer processing capabilities to Sheaumann’s design and packaging competencies. A 2019 grant from the Massachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative enabled Sheaumann to expand its wavelength range capabilities and relocate to its new headquarters, where it also has a photonics incubator space. At a time when laser manufacturing companies are frequently changing ownership and moving production overseas, Sheaumann’s leadership team continues to stay constant and uphold its vision of keeping manufacturing in the US.

Certification ISO 9901:2015

1980 Lasertron company logo

Jim Hsieh co-founds Lasertron.1980

Jim Hsieh acquires Axcel Photonics and founds Sheaumann Laser, running them as two separate companies.2005

Sheaumann and Axcel Photonics merge.2015

Sheaumann receives a grant from the state for $2.34M.2019


Sheaumann renovates and relocates to a new facility owned by Jim Hsieh.2021