Sheaumann Announces New Photonics Focused Incubator

The Incubator chick and floor plan

Sheaumann Announces New Photonics Focused Incubator [BILLERICA, MA, FEBRUARY] Sheaumann has long been dedicated to innovation in the photonics and semiconductor industry. Along with its recent major expansion and relocation to Billerica, MA, Sheaumann is announcing its brand-new incubator space, The Incubator @ Sheaumann. The Incubator, Sheaumann’s photonics-focused accelerator, will occupy the entire 20,000 square-foot […]

Focused on Possibility: An overview of our capabilities

Sheaumann logo focused on possibility

What do you want to achieve? Sheaumann is dedicated to innovation, rigorous quality control, and assisting in the development of new technology. Focused on possibility. What do you want to achieve? Sheaumann is dedicated to innovation, rigorous quality control, and assisting in the development of new technology. Our in-house wafer growth, processing, and packaging capabilities […]

Why is facet passivation of laser diodes necessary?

Sheaumann Process Engineer

Facet passivation is an important process in the manufacturing of reliable laser diodes. It’s a method of treating the facet ends of a laser to prevent excessive heating during operation, which may destroy the laser. Specialized precision machinery is required, as the process needs to take place under extremely strict environmental conditions. One of the […]

Sheaumann Laser Facilitates Major Expansion Relocation to Billerica, MA

Sheaumann Laser Expansion in Billerica, MA

Billerica, MA: Sheaumann Laser, Inc., a U.S. manufacturer of semiconductor lasers, will be moving to its new 57,800 square foot headquarters located at 5 Federal Street in Billerica, MA in August. This relocation signals major growth for Sheaumann, allowing the company to significantly expand its workforce and production capabilities to meet the growing demand for […]

Monolithically unified high-power tapered laser enables true single-mode

Monolithically News Unified High-Power Tapered laser

Sheaumann’s monolithic MOPA technology creates a tapered semiconductor laser for emerging applications, including lidar for autonomous vehicles. Multimode semiconductor laser diodes with >10 W output are readily available. However, single-mode lasers that can operate at such power levels without optical pumping have only previously been created in university or government laboratories. Sheaumann is working to […]

Sheaumann moving to Billerica, MA

Sheaumann building

Sheaumann is planning to move to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Billerica, MA in summer 2020.  The move is the result of an expansion of production capabilities facilitated by a $2.3M grant from the Masssachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative.

Long-lifetime laser diodes for space

News Long-Lifetime Laser Diode

Sheaumann manufactures highly-reliable laser diodes and fiber-coupled modules that have been qualified for space applications by the European Space Agency. There has been a flurry of announcements in the news recently about low-Earth-orbit satellite constellations, which are primarily expected to be able to provide wideband internet anywhere in the world. Many of these satellite networks […]

Sheaumann receives $2.3 million grant

News Sheaumann Grant

Lt. Governor Karyn Polito and the Masssachusetts Manufacturing Innovation Initiative awarded Sheaumann a grant of $2.34 million. The funds will be used to purchase laser manufacturing equipment and expand its production capabilities.